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5 Travel Insurance Tips for Solo Women Travelers

1. Current medical coverage

If you have a health insurance policy currently, review it thoroughly to understand the extent of its coverage. Are you covered for medical emergencies in a foreign land or only in your home country? Are pre-existing diseases covered? Before buying travel coverage, review your existing medical insurance policy thoroughly, so that you pay for the right policy and get the right benefits in case of any sicknesses.

2. Evacuation assistance

Today many solo women travelers love exploring developing nations like Kenya, Uganda and other remote areas. While it can be great fun to visit these beautiful nations, you should remember that falling sick here can be a nightmare. The medical facilities in these places are not as developed as you would want them to be. When you don’t have any other travel companion to assist you in an emergency, it is your travel medical insurance that would come to your rescue.

Before visiting these remote areas, ensure that you have taken evacuation coverage as well. This policy covers the cost that would involve in transporting you to a place where better medical care is available or air-ambulance charges in case you have to be flown back to your home land.

3. Baggage items coverage

We all know that a travel insurance policy helps you stay covered from losses against lost or misplaced baggage. However, if you are a solo traveling woman, you should also consider some riders in this policy that will help you in case you have lost some important items in your baggage. What if you are pregnant and all your medicines are in the baggage that you have just lost? Or you may be experiencing your menstruation cycle and have all your toiletries kept in your baggage. When you lose your baggage in these cases, you can take up a policy that will cover you for the expenses that you incur in purchasing these essentials in a foreign land.

4. Type of policy

As a solo women traveler, you can save a lot of money by choosing the right travel coverage. Do you travel frequently and do your trips usually last for a week or two? If yes, a multi-trip insurance cover would be the right choice as it covers you for the trips that you undergo for a year, at a certain premium. However, if you are an occasional traveler, a single-trip insurance policy will work for you.

5. Claim process

As sad as it may sound, the reality of claims process is that none of the insurance providers are waiting to get your documents and pay off your claims. Do an extensive research on the ‘travel insurance claim online process of various service providers and choose the one that has a reputation of settling claims sooner than the others.

It is always safer to get a travel insurance so you can go on that solo trip with at least a few things you don’t have to worry about.

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