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5 Tips To Get Your Bike Monsoon Ready


Monsoons in India can be an exhilarating, yet not-so-pleasant experience at the same time. This is a particularly testing time of year for bike riders who brave potholes, muddy stretches, roads that resemble streams and more!

If your two-wheeler is properly maintained and prepped for the monsoon with timely care and checks, it will give you good, dependable performance even during the rainy season.

5 Tips To Get Your Bike Monsoon Ready

Be smartly prepared to face the challenges posed by the monsoon, by knowing what and how you should go about taking care of your bike, before the monsoon arrives.  

Here are 5 key pointers that will help you have a safe and worry-free ride in the rains. Read on.

  1. Regular maintenance – Adhering to the maintenance schedule has its benefits and is actually half the job done. Routine servicing keeps your two-wheeler in top condition so it continuously delivers optimal performance.

Before the rains, get a complete check done of all the mechanical and electrical parts of your bike. This will save you a lot of time, money and trouble from incidents such as your bike stalling every now and then in the middle of traffic on waterlogged roads.


  1. Check the brakes – Brakes are a very important component of your bike. In difficult driving conditions such as heavy rains and on very wet and bad roads, effective braking power becomes even more critical. Check for worn out liners or brake pads and get them cleaned or replaced at an authorised service centre.


  1. Clean the air filter – Moisture, dirt and grime tend to clog the air filter, thereby affecting the performance of your bike. Before the rains start is a good time to get the air filter cleaned or changed if necessary.


  1. Inspect the tyres – Tyre treads are what provide the required grip on the road surface. If your bike tyres are worn out there is a risk of the bike skidding on slippery, muddy roads. Also, the tyres will not respond properly when you apply the brakes. So ensure that you change both tyres immediately in case you notice any wear and tear.


  1. Get bike insurance – This is the most important backup to get your bike monsoon ready. Invest in a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan that will cover the cost of expensive repairs from breakdown or any damage to your bike.

Sometimes even if you are careful and ride safe, there could be an unforeseen situation beyond your control causing injury to the rider or to others.

In case of self injury, the personal accident cover included in the policy will step in to provide financial assistance to the policyholder or his survivors. A two wheeler insurance plan also protects you from financial and legal burden by settling third-party claims.  


Following these tips will see your bike make it smoothly through the monsoon. Safe riding!

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