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5 Tips To Get Best Quote For Bike Insurance


There are a lot of points to remember while buying bike insurance policy online for your two-wheeler. Getting the right coverage for the bike/scooter, and the overall structuring of the insurance policy is essential. In this article learn about 5 tricks to help you avail the best bike insurance quote:


Choose Your Add-On Covers Wisely

With comprehensive insurance policies, you are provided with the option to purchase add-on covers. Such covers are offered to enhance the coverage of the base bike insurance. Some of the add-on covers include roadside assistance, key replacement, zero depreciation, No Claim Bonus (NCB) protection, etc. You need to choose the add-on cover that is essential for you so that you do not end up paying unnecessary premium charges.


Follow Timely Renewals

It is important to renew your bike insurance quote timely so that your insurance does not lapse. A lapsed insurance policy is equally effective as not having an insurance policy. You may need to pay higher premiums to activate your lapsed policy.


Install Security Devices

When you install security devices in your bike such as anti-theft system, the insurance provider offers discounts in the premium during the time of purchase or at the time of policy renewal.


Maintain a Decent Driving Record

When you drive your bike by following the traffic rules, you have fewer chances of getting into an accident. With every claim-free year, you will be eligible to avail discounts on your premiums with the No Claim Bonus (NCB) facility.


Research and Compare

Nowadays you can research and compare policies online to choose the right insurance suitable for you. You need to look for a bike insurance plan with the necessary coverage in an affordable premium charge.

You can check your eligibility criteria and the coverage of the policy. Also, you can check the premiums to be paid before the purchase using the online premium calculator from the website of the general insurance company.



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