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5 Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance Policy

Five Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance Policy

Planning your vacation is always exciting; you look for things to do, the climate of the travel destination, the cuisine of the place and so on. But one crucial element of planning that is more often than not forgotten by travellers – yes, you are right, we are talking about travel insurance policy.

Though the importance of a travel insurance cannot be undermined, sometimes people think that they don’t need to invest in one. But here are five reasons that prove why is it important to buy travel insurance.

Protection from Theft or Loss

When you are in an unknown city or country, it becomes tricky to handle difficult situations. For instance, if you have lost your luggage or misplaced your passport or your purse/wallet has been robbed, you will need immediate assistance. With a travel insurance plan, you are covered against losses resulting from such unanticipated circumstances.

Coverage for Medical Expenses

Medical emergencies strike at any hour. If you are in an unfamiliar region of a new country, you won’t know of the nearest hospital or whom to call upon for assistance. During such cases you can call your travel insurer, who will guide you and help you with your travel insurance claim online. He or she will also help make arrangements to cover your medical expenses. From pre-existing conditions to medical check-ups and unexpected emergencies, your travel insurance policy will take care of your needs.

Emergency and Evacuation  

When you travel to a new destination, it is important to be prepared for sudden events like natural calamities, political unrest or even terrorist attacks. This is where your travel insurance guide will help make arrangements for your safe return home. They are well equipped to handle complicated situations as such and know how to get the right assistance too.


Though you have planned your trip months in advance, you never know what emergency might delay your trip. It could be anything from health to work. If the travel arrangements made by you are non-refundable, then you will have to bear a huge financial loss. However, with a travel insurance plan in place, you will be eligible to get a refund on your cancelled bookings (accommodation and airfare). Sometimes, flights or trains can get cancelled due to weather conditions; this can hamper the rest of your trip but with a reliable travel insurance you will receive a refund of the bookings you have made.

Round the Clock Assistance

In an unknown place, the satisfaction of having  24 x 7 helpline assistance can really prove to be a boon. If you are ever stranded, you can get immediate guidance and help. The 24 X 7 helpline assistance will also guide you on how to make your travel insurance claim online.

So, if you weigh the benefits of a travel insurance plan against the investment you make, you will realise how beneficial it really is!

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