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5 Reasons to Get Health Insurance in your 20s

Start Early, Save Dearly – Five Reasons to get Health Insurance in your 20s

Millennials might seem like they’re all about “you only live once” and playing it by the ear. However, the financial independence that comes with your 20s is as much about growing up as it is about experiencing life. An integral part of growing up is securing your future. Unforeseen health issues, accidents, or simply deteriorating health as you grow older are things you do not need to worry about if you have a good health insurance plan in place. So, let’s get straight to the top five reasons to opt for health insurance when you’re young.

A low premium to get you started

With a low premium to get you started, you have not only secured your present but future as well. 20s are when you’re fit as a fiddle, giving 100% at work, and ready to experience life to the fullest. Of course, there’s the unwanted stress that comes with work, and possible dangers of being too adventurous. But these are things you wouldn’t have to worry about if you have a good health insurance policy in place. Also, because the premium amount only goes higher with age, it only makes sense to start early.

Invest in health, save in taxes

One of the most common reasons for youngsters to opt for a health insurance policy is the tax benefits. Under the IT Act, young adults are eligible to save a certain amount of the premium paid toward health insurance. While it might seem little to some, the amount saved adds up over the years and you end up realizing it was worth it.

Waiting period? No worries!

The waiting period is one when your insurance claims for certain medical conditions will be denied. This can last for about a couple of years or so, depending on the health insurance plan you opt for. No one likes to wait, for sure. But one of the reasons that makes 20s the best time to buy health insurance, online or otherwise, is that you wouldn’t have to worry about the waiting period!

An array of options

Medical reimbursement and cashless transactions are standard when it comes to the benefits. But opting for a health insurance policy in your 20s offers flexibility that you might not have when you’re older. From expensive medical procedures that do not require hospitalization to switching to a family health insurance plan down the line, investing in the right health insurance plan early has benefits that are lost with age.

Rejection of application?

Would you rather invest in something substantial when you have the resources or when you’re running dry? With health insurance being an investment into your wellbeing, the best time to do it is when you have all odds working in your favor. For a 20-something, that would be a healthy body and a steady income. With lower possibilities of falling sick and being without a job, you would not have to worry about having your insurance application being rejected!


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