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5 Important Tips To Keep Your Car's Engine Safe And Healthy


Most of us hardly think about our car’s engines. We just hop into the car and drive away when we want to. We probably pay attention to the engine only when it makes noises. As they say, prevention is better than cure and if you look after your car’s engine regularly you will extend its life. Here are 5 tips that will help keep your car’s engine safe and healthy.

  • Regularly Change The Engine Oil

    You should change your engine oil every 5000 miles (8000 kilometres). This is the single most important step you can take to keep your engine safe and healthy. Oil ensures that engine parts do not get overheated from friction. If you do not change the engine oil on time, your engine may sustain permanent damage.

  • Ensure The Cooling System Is Working

    The cooling system of your car includes the radiator, thermostat, water pump and the coolant. Make sure that you have the proper amount of coolant (also called radiator fluid) running through the engine. Coolant is a clear green or orange coloured liquid in your radiator. It should always be higher than the minimum mark but under the maximum mark provided. If your engine is overheating despite there being a sufficient amount of coolant present – you should take your car to a mechanic immediately.

  • Keep The Air Filters Clean

    Your engine needs a constant supply of air to function properly. Air filters ensure that junk like bugs, leaves and even dirt does not reach the engine. As you can expect, over time the filters get clogged with dirt and should be replaced. How soon you need to replace them depends on your driving habits and conditions of the road you typically ply on. Every time you replace oil, make sure to check air filters as well, replace them as needed.

  • Check For Leaks

    Oil and antifreeze are two liquids that tend to leak sometimes. Make sure to check for these occasionally. If there is a leak, you would typically be able to smell it. Rubber hoses can crack from all the heat in the engine and leak some fluids out of the engine. If this happens, contact a mechanic immediately to get these replaced

  • Follow-Up On Automotive Warning Lights

    If the warning light blinks, do not ignore it. As the old saying goes: a spark neglected burns the house. Address the problem as early as possible to avoid any long-term damage to the engine. Also, the most important thing to be noted is to secure your car’s engine with a comprehensive car insurance plan.

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