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5 Essentials of African Safari


An African safari trip is a must-do – due to the magnificence of its natural beauty and the animal sightings. When making this dream come true pay attention to the 5 essentials to enjoying your African Safari vacation.

Pick the region and time of travelling – after conducting Research.

Animals follow their daily cycles which are in sync with nature's rhythms. You must find out what are the best times to visit the different parts of Africa while on a safari. In the peak season – you would get the best chances of animal sightings. However, visiting during peak season could be expensive. Instead one can explore visiting the Safari during shoulder season. Shoulder season is a period between the peak and the off-season.   You can follow the general months for choosing to travel and take into account the weather patterns within the season you choose to travel by consulting a local guide.

The Dry season is the preferred season as the animals congregate at the watering holes and smaller green sections. During the rains, spotting the animals gets tougher as they are spread out over vast areas. The Dry season runs approximately from July until October in most parts of Africa where Safaris are conducted. 

The shoulder  season in different parts of Africa would be:

Neutral & Layered Clothing is essential:

There is a reason why traditional Safari clothing was either whites, beiges, browns or other dull-coloured clothing. This is because you are going to be in an area where wild animals are in their habitat and prefer to stay away from humans. It is not a good idea to unsettle them. Bright coloured clothing, loud voices and lots of movement could startle wild animals and are best avoided on an African Safari. The clothing colour may also attract irritants like Tsetse flies etc. Aside from this – the light clothing colours reflect heat and will help you stay cooler during the Safari.

It is also advisable to wear layers of clothing, as the temperature can be either hot or cold – depending on the weather. The safari is conducted early morning and in the evening and pre-dawn and dusk temperatures may be quite cold. Better to layer up and then peel off as the day gets hotter.

Closed Footgear is recommended, as this will keep off insects, ants or any other creepy crawlies. Shoes that cover the ankles or high socks are advisable.

Medicines and Others:

When travelling on a Safari - you will have access to generic medicines kept by the hotels at their properties, but it is advisable to carry any sort of medication you need or may need. This includes medicines for cold, cough, diarrhoea, fever, and any others. Importantly, remember to pick up a comprehensive travel insurance policy. It would cover losses due to mishaps such as losing passport/important documents, suffering an accident, trip cancellation etc.

Extra pair of spectacles, sunglasses, lip balm, a high SPF sun block are all essentials that make your trip much more comfortable when you remember to carry them along.

All essential documents – such as Passport, Visas and Travel Insurance, should be kept within the safety of your room.

Be prepared to wake up early

In Africa, Safaris are conducted at the times that the wild animals are the most active. This is generally during the coolest times of day – which is before sunrise and after sunset. This means that on a normal day at a Safari vacation your wake yup time could be around 5.30. The Safari drives last for around 3 hours. It is a great idea to accustom yourself to this so that you do not miss a single sighting. We can take a page from the animals' book and wake early and indulge in a siesta in the afternoon – it is a holiday after all.

Follow Safety Guidelines:

It is crucial to follow every single safety guideline, when on an African safari holiday. These guidelines involve not carrying food around, or walking only on designated paths, or not hanging bright clothing around your tent and many others. Remember you are in wildlife country and follow every single guideline without exception.

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