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5 Risks that are Associated with Driving


For many of us, a long drive comes as the perfect outing, and serves as a quick break. If you ask this from someone who is bound to drive for hours daily to their workplaces, they may be able to explain how mundane and tiring can it get then.

With the increasing number of automobiles, the roads continue to be flooded with vehicles, especially during the wee hours. These stressful hours of driving unlike the rejuvenating leisure drives, are also contributing significantly to the global health burden. The most common health problems associated with driving are:


1 . Eye Strain

Driving for long hours daily in excess traffic leads to eye strain and in the long run weaken the eye nerves.  

If you happen to commute more often during the night hours, your eyes are being adversely affected by the glare and high intensity halo lights on the road.

People with cataract are worst affected by the high beam and increased glare from the headlight of the running traffic.


2 . Increased Risk of Obesity

Are you also amongst the lot who is bound to travel for more than two hours just to reach your workplaces? If yes, then studies suggest that people who continue to be seated for long hours are at an increased risk of obesity.

Needless to say, obesity leads to lethargy and thereby makes one more prone to lifestyle disorders.

A long hour of driving take away hours of physical activity from the daily routine and rips us off energy.


3 . Fatigue

Post a hectic and nerve wrecking day at work, a long drive through the city’s traffic adds to the fatigue.

Not only is your brain fatigued, but your overall body needs to rest and relax. However, that’s not what you can immediate resort to, because you have to drive those hours back home. 

You may ask yourself, how tired are your feet post driving of two hours at a stretch? With your feet placed on the pedal while driving through the traffic, the muscles tend to get strained and tired.


4 . Backache/Neckache

Are you in a habit of walking around the place during your work hours? Or do you opt to be seated on your chair during those long work hours?

Imperfect postures during the day followed by long driving hours take a toll of the back and the neck.

Crowded roads with cars stuck head to tail, push you to sit straight and therefore exert severe strain on the back for a long period.


5 . Stress

Chaotic lines of automobiles, incessant horns and ofcourse the wish to reach home and hit the bed makes it all the more stressful for those driving from countryside to the city.

People with anxiety disorders (that majorly affect a big chunk of the population), are worse affected during long driving hours. It may impair your decision-making ability needed for safe driving.

Studies also reflect that stressful driving is the most common reason for accidents for it alters the response duration of the driver.  


While you cannot give up driving altogether, you can definitely follow ways that can substantially minimize the risk of these hazards. Health insurance is one amongst them. Since your health and well-being is our priority, get notified for more health related topics by subscribing to our blog. Stay healthy & fit!


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