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5 Common Mistakes People Make While Buying Health Insurance

5 Common Mistakes People Make While Buying Health Insurance

For those who’ve already got a health insurance plan in place, you would be able to relate to which feeling of safety and peace of mind. Health insurance plans give you the satisfaction that when things go downhill, someone will have your back. However, if you just blindly take the first policy that comes your way, it might not work to your benefit. In this article, you can acquaint yourself with and steer clear of the common mistakes that people often make while buying health insurance.

First, let’s understand that there are many kinds of cashless health insurance policies as well as family health insurance policies available in the market. Most mistakes can be avoided if you just understand the differences in these policies and pay attention to the details.

  • Read the fine print

No matter how difficult or boring it is, please ensure to read the details and clauses of your health insurance plan. There are instances when people have been caught unawares of some of the repercussions of these clauses and often it has been too late to change things. A few things you should read are the sub-limit clause, room rent clause and specific treatment clause.

  • Don’t just consider the premium

The premium of health insurance plans is based on the services they provide. If the plans have limited services, then they will naturally cost a much lower amount. But then again, what purpose will they serve if they cannot help you during unfortunate events. Low premium cashless health insurance plans are of no use if they’re not able to cover most of your medical and hospitalisation expenses.

  • Research

If there’s a policy that matches your requirements, try and see what other insurance providers are providing within the same category and range. This will give you a clear picture of whether you’re going to be under or overcharged. It will also help you make a more informed decision before you buy health insurance online.

  • Don’t go for insufficient coverage

You may think that you won’t need a high coverage in the future, but it’s always best to be prepared for yourself and your family. Don’t opt for a small cover with a lower premium, because medical emergencies are unpredictable, and you cannot foretell the damage it could cause. Ensure that your cover is sufficient for all possible medical expenses.

  • Withholding medical information

If you don’t disclose your medical history accurately, it will hinder the claim process during the settlement of the health insurance plan. Instead of taking such a big risk, it’s better to fill in the medical questionnaire accurately and complete all the medical tests, if needed.

Once you’ve learnt how to tackle these mistakes, you’ll be able to buy a health insurance online that matches your needs perfectly!

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