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4 Simple Tips for Hassle Free Driving


It is said that figuring out a problem is one thing and working towards it another. Having learnt about the health problems associated with long hours of driving, shall make it meaningful only if we learn to combat these problems effectively without heavy medications.

And here we have discussed effective ways to manage health hazards associated with long hours of daily driving.

1. Neck pain

Are you amongst those who would by instinct lean forward at the start of the journey and continue to do so in that tensed position? If yes, then you need to stop this from today itself. This way you are not only stressing your back, neck, shoulders but also paving way for headaches.

Make sure that after short intervals you place your elbows on the armrest.

Your arms should ideally bend at an angle of 30-40 degrees and should be easy to reach the steering wheel.

Generally, there is a lot of gap between the head and the headrest. Well, please adjust this gap and support your head with the headrest provided.

2. Back pain

Often mistaken by many, you should not be sitting upright straight, instead you should be sitting at an angle of 100 degree with the seat.

Add some nice cushions to your car as these can act as excellent and adjustable lumbar support for the lower back.

With plenty of designing reforms that are being bought to the upcoming models of the car, if you are at a lookout of a new car, choose the one that provides a facility to elevate the seat vertically.

Your knees, hips and back should be perpendicular to each other.

3. Eye strain

You mostly drive during daytime, when the sun is at the peak? Then we urge you to get yourself a good pair of sunglasses that can provide UV protection to your eyes and minimize the eyestrain.

Resolve not to start the journey without cleaning the windshield with a clean cloth. Those unwanted scars on the screen often happens to blur your vision during chaotic long hours of driving. Also keep a similar cleaning kit for emergency purpose in the car as well.

Consistent glare from other cars at night time can be another concern for many of you. To avoid this, add a pair of polarized or anti-glare glasses to your travel bag while driving. They allow more light to enter the eye and thereby inhibit the glare coming from nearby objects.

4. Breathing Issues

The golden tip to keeping your car cabin well circulated is by pulling down the windows of the car the moment you sit inside. Keep the car windows open and let the stale air vent out, post which you can put the air conditioner on.

Do not get carried away by the weather all the time. What we are trying to say is, even during extreme weather conditions, try and maintain a standard temperature (neither too hot nor too cold) inside the car.

Skyrocketing pollution levels in all the major metropolitans in our country is a major concern for young and old both. So, to stay away from the polluted air, make sure you drive your way through with the car windows closed and air-conditioner on.

Make sure you allow only the internal air to circulate within the cabin by putting off the option that allows external air to enter.

So, make sure you maintain the right posture, stay calm while driving through the hassled roads and practise these simple tips to avert the onset of these health problems.  For 360 degree health coverage opt for health insurance plans best suited to your needs.
Now put on your favourite music and drive your way to your workplace and back home with a smile!

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