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Things To Do In Canada


Home to the world-famous Niagara Falls, Canada is a haven for thrill seekers and outdoor adrenaline junkies. That is not to say Canada is not for a laid back kind of vacation.

Whatever your preferred style of vacationing, get set for an action-packed trip to Canada as the country has a pretty impressive line up of places to see and things to do for visitors. 

Ride The Rocky Mountaineer Luxury Train

There is probably no better way to take in the awe-inspiring vistas of the Rocky Mountains than to book a ride in the Rocky Mountaineer luxury train. Designed especially for tourists to experience the best of Western Canada’s jaw-dropping natural beauty, you will be treated like royalty from the welcome to stepping inside the clear glass roofed cabin, settling into your luxurious leather seats and being served fine dining meals and choicest Canadian wines.

You will have hosts on board who are experts on the natural history of the region. They will keep you enthralled with their musical storytelling skills peppered with a bit of trivia and fun facts to enrich your journey and help you better appreciate the Canadian Rockies. Don’t forget to keep looking around at the stunning landscape of glacial lakes, towering coniferous trees and wild rugged mountain peaks surrounding you. That is the show stopper and what you are really there for.      

The Rocky Mountaineer is not just a remarkable train journey; it is an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience that is well worth your every rupee or rather Canadian dollar.  

Take A Boat Tour Of Niagara Falls, Ontario

World famous Niagara Falls is more than a sightseeing place to tick off your must-see checklist. These powerful and majestic falls form a natural international border between Canada and the United States and are quite easy to reach from Toronto.

To enjoy the best views you should visit the Horseshoe Falls on the Ontario side, which is the most impressive of the set of three falls that comprise Niagara Falls. The sheer volume of water thundering and cascading down Niagara Gorge is mind blowing. There are several observation points in the town surrounding the falls which is well developed to cater to the visitor crowd. You can even book a stay at any of the hotels here and enjoy the souvenir shops, restaurants, and casinos. 

For those of you who prefer some adventure and dare to get closer to the action, we suggest you book the Voyage To The Falls boat tour as you will get an unmatched way of experiencing Niagara Falls.

Go Skiing At Whistler

Have you ever looked wistfully at those images and videos of people in their skiing gear gliding effortlessly down gorgeous snow White Mountain slopes and wished to be one of them? Well here is your chance to get your adrenaline pumping and live the thrill of skiing, zip lining, snowmobiling, and other winter snow sports!

Located two hours from Vancouver in Western Canada is Whistler Mountain and alpine ski resort, one of the largest and top skiing destinations in the world that has even been the venue for Olympic winter games. Once you reach the base, ride the gondola from the picturesque villages to the mountaintops while taking in spectacular scenery of skiers on the white slopes below. At night the resort resembles a magical winter wonderland. 

There are so many more exciting activities awaiting you in Canada. Going through a Travel Guide for Canada will tell you more about the country and its other attractions such as the Banff National Park and how you can see Arctic Polar Bears in the wild at Churchill, Manitoba.

When planning and budgeting for your trip do account for Canada Travel Insurance. Canada is an expensive country and any loss or mishap while travelling there could upset your vacation and finances quite heavily. Buying overseas travel insurance is an essential safeguard while travelling as it can cover your medical expenses and protect you in emergency situations such as loss of your luggage, passport, or trip cancellation.

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