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24 Hours In Dubai - Places To Visit, Things To Do


Dubai being the international attraction has numbers of things to do and many places to visit. 24 hours is a very short span to have the whole experience of this exotic destination. However, there are a number of tourists who visit Dubai for a day can also have a memorable and fun experience.

Morning at old Dubai

You can visit the spice market in old Dubai known as Spice Souks. It is merely 15 minutes from the airport. You can get to see the old structure of the city and can explore what the actual city was before it became a modern tourist attraction. You can get the pure spices of great quality at fair prices.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is one of the main attraction of the city, cannot be missed from the list. You can get an amazing picture of this exotic 7-star hotel from the sunset beach in Dubai. This beach can get you a bit closer to understanding the culture of Emirates.

Dubai Mall

Dubai mall being the largest mall around the globe, one can spend an entire day strolling around in this beautiful architecture. This mall could be the perfect place to have lunch after exploring some amazing Dubai stores and international brands. Dubai mall also has a very famous Dubai aquarium and an indoor zoo having a variety of species of animals.

Dubai Fountains

World’s largest human choreographed fountains will entertain you every half an hour. This could be the best part of your itinerary to relax in the evening in front of dancing waters with amazing lights. Since the fountains are located nearer to the Dubai mall, it becomes quite convenient to add them into your list.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

You can reach this place to have your last meal of the day. You will have numbers of variety to choose from. This market has a variety of bars and restaurants offering everything from Latin food to Chinese. You can also land up in any souvenir shop to buy something for loved ones.

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