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Travel Hacks That Will Make You A Smart Traveler


Looking forward to travelling abroad?  This can be one of the most exciting sojourns of your life. However, there is a lot to plan as well. Right from booking tickets to safeguarding documents to arranging accommodation. Here are 10 travel hacks which will make your impending foreign trip successful:

  1. Squeeze in more clothes

How does one create extra space for more clothes and at the same time keep them wrinkle-free? It almost sounds impossible. One should roll clothes into a little tube, rather than folding them. It is one of the most effective hacks. Rolling clothes also keeps them wrinkle-free. And last but not least, it gives one a better view of all the clothes packed, as soon as one opens the bag.

  1. Take s

This hack will keep one at peace at all times. Nightmarish situations of theft and tiny incidents like confusion in hotel booking can be eased with the saved screenshot of relevant documents. It is worth taking screenshots of all confirmations in the journey. That includes flights, buses, trains, hotels and site-seeing. This lets one provide access even in places where there is no WiFi or internet access. And it is better than carrying printouts of everything.

  1. Knock out j

The biggest irritant of a long journey is jetlag undoubtedly. But there are few natural and realistic ways to alleviate the pain of jetlag. Some exercise before a trip can stave off the jet lag making one feel light. This helps one in getting sound sleep. Packing an eye mask and earplugs is a no-brainer. Taking red-eye flights is highly recommended. There are few other things like exhausting oneself during the day and not napping all day is also the way to beat jetlag.

  1. Protect yourself with travel insurance

Your blissful holiday might turn into a harrowing experience if unfortunate scenarios such as the following occur:

  • Your luggage is misplaced by your airline
  • Flights are delayed or cancelled.
  • A medical emergency hits when you are abroad

A comprehensive travel insurance policy would protect your loved ones and you from financial damages due to such mishaps.

  1. Personal and free tour guide

Hiring tour guides can turn out to be expensive. Or sometimes, we just wish to explore places by ourselves. One can download Google Goggles onto one’s phone and capture some photos as one explores around. Each time one takes a picture of a famous monument, the phone itself will provide all the relevant information.

  1. Spices and Herbs in empty Tic-Tac containers

When one travels in uncharted territories, one is bound to feel homesick and miss the home food and flavours. At such times, it could prove to be helpful to sprinkle some of the favourite flavours from empty tic-tac containers. These are easy to store and they do not add to luggage space or weight.

  1. Offline

Google Maps is a life-saver. It is not easy to have Wifi in locations abroad. That can cause inconvenience while one is travelling solo and not depending on any other form of navigation. Thankfully, Google maps have an option of saving the maps on the phone, which can be accessed later in a no-internet zone.

  1. Be nice, smell nice.

Unwashed clothes, towels, sock and even shoes may start smelling after a few days, especially if they go damp. It would be highly recommended to pack a dryer sheet and ‘dirty laundry’ bag so that the whole suitcase doesn’t start smelling like dirty clothes. You could also purchase shoe pouches to store used shoes.  You can also purchase a fabric deodoriser to spray over your used clothes.

  1. Compression socks

Compression socks have a lot of benefits. They reduce swelling and promote better circulation. They are highly recommended on long flights.

  1. Download Google Translate for use offline

A highly recommended app when travelling to a foreign location is Google Translate. And the best part is that it does not require an internet connection when in “Offline Translation”. The app allows one to download different languages. It can be used very effectively to translate signs, menus, etc. The app also has a special feature that even lets one translate images in real-time.

If you like to visit old memories, you may also wish to carry a journal to note down your daily experience while travelling. You could do this every time you travel abroad. It would be fun to read it after a few years, especially with your loved ones.

You can check your eligibility criteria and the coverage of the policy. Also, you can check the premiums to be paid before the purchase using the online premium calculator from the website of the general insurance company.


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