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Things To Do In Europe: One In Lifetime Experience


Visting Europe is every traveller's dream. Centuries of history comes alive in the architecture, sculpture and art. Despite being the smallest of the seven continents, Europe offers a changing landscape. One can savour the snow-frosted Alps, the canals of Venice, the beaches of Spain along with the ubiquitous natural beauty across the continent.

With a common Schengen Visa acceptable across most European countries and with Euro as the common currency, travelling in Europe has become easier. The sheer variety across languages, cuisine, architecture, and cultural diversity make it a once in a lifetime experience. While embarking on a European trip, always take a Schengen Visa from the starting point of your trip or wherever you spend the maximum days and ensure you have travel insurance when you make your way across to keep your trip stress free and relaxed.

Many reasons can stand out in your mind and your heart as experiences that make you grow and bloom as you explore Europe.

Relive history

The heritage structures in Europe are expertly maintained. Be it the ruins of Pompeii, the Colosseum of Rome or the Tournai Cathedral. The archaeological ruins in Greece show the traveller a glimpse of the past and the ancient rock-carved cities of Cappadocia in Turkey make you marvel. The architecture is grand all across Europe. The castles in Prague, the larger than life architecture in Vienna and the old world charm of Florence all captivate and create lifetime memories.

Be spellbound by the natural beauty

Whether it is the views of the snow-covered mountains and valleys from the Matterhorn in Switzerland or the drive on the Atlantic Road in Norway, or cruising on the Amalfi coast with breathtaking views or watching the northern lights in Iceland enchant you in an awe-inspiring display of scenery, light and colour. The vineyards in France and Italy and the farmlands of Turkey are wide, welcoming and create little bubbles of happiness that you feel years later as you go through the photographs of your journey.

Savour the delectable Cuisine

The local food across Europe is tasty, fresh and aromatic. It pleases all senses. The rising trend of vegetarianism and veganism has created easily available food options for everyone. The flavorful cheese dishes in Switzerland, lead on to the delicious slow food paella of Spain. The world staple of Pizza – is redefined when taking a bite of it in Italy and you wonder where this was all your life. The food is scrumptious and you must eat as the locals do to fully immerse yourself in Europe. The beer in Germany, authentic Spanish and French wines and Russian Vodka – are perfect accompaniments. The best part of Europe is the open squares where the outdoor seating areas, street musicians and cobblestoned paths let you immerse yourself in energy and excitement of being where you are.

No dearth of Entertainment

No matter how touristy things are looked down upon by seasoned travellers, there is a reason why they are once in a lifetime experiences. So do make that trip to the Eiffel tower and eat crepes there, watch Moulin Rouge in France, visit the Sound of Music castle in Austria, walk to the lighthouse in Sagres, Portugal the farthest corner of Europe, click selfies along with the whitewashed buildings in Greece, do one – or do them all.

With a variety of things to see and do, Europe would leave you bewitched every time you visit this magnificent continent. You might just feel that one lifetime isn't enough to appreciate it.

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