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Ambulance Charges Cover

A car accident is a time-sensitive situation and nothing is more important than saving a life. Every minute counts. An ambulance can save the accident victim’s life, especially if they can be taken to the hospital in the ‘Golden Hour’. In medical terms, ‘Golden Hour’ is defined as the first few hours following any traumatic injury during which chances of saving the victim’s life is high with timely medical intervention.

Therefore, the life of the injured person depends on the ambulance being available on time and act as a life-support until the injured reaches the hospital. But ambulance services come at a cost. While money is the last thing on your mind in the critical times like this, it is an important aspect nonetheless. However, you can get reimbursed for this expense if you have taken Ambulance Charges Cover with your car insurance policy.

When you buy a Car Insurance Policy, you can also consider purchasing any of the different Car Insurance Add-On Covers such as Roadside Assistance, Personal Accident Cover for passengers, Hospital Cash, Hydrostatic Lock Cover, Key Replacement Cover, Ambulance Charges Cover and a Cover for Medical Expenses. It is advisable to buy these additional covers because it strengths your safety net while driving. All these Add-On Covers can save you from the financial burden you may have to bear due to an accident. Bharti AXA  offers all these insurance covers along with a Car Insurance Policy.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying Ambulance Charges Cover

The Ambulance Charges usually vary between INR 500 and INR 2000, depending on whether the accident victim is to be ferried within the city limits or to an outstation hospital. So, when you buy a policy, it is advisable to go through all relevant clauses, situations and geographical limits under which the Ambulance Charges Cover may be compensated or become void. You should also check the upper limit of cover available to you. Generally, the inclusions and exclusions that are mentioned in your standard car insurance plan are applicable to Ambulance Charges Cover as well.

Registering Claim for Ambulance Charges Cover

When an accident occurs, saving life is of prime importance. However, a bit of presence of mind will ensure that you get reimbursed for all expenses for which you have an insurance coverage. Keep the receipt of ambulance charges with you so that you can submit it for the Insurance Claim.

Benefits of taking an Ambulance Charges Add-On Cover from Bharti AXA

  • You can call an ambulance from any hospital without worrying about its cost
  • 24X7 Customer Assistance for any queries and issues, including for claims
  • Hassle-free claim assistance
  • You can buy Car Insurance Policy and all Add-On Covers, including Ambulance Charges Cover online at Bharti AXA portal.

This Car Insurance Add-On Cover ensures that you, your family or the bystanders coming to your rescue don’t have to spend a single precious minute of life bargaining for the charges of the ambulance. That’s why, Ambulance Charges Cover is a highly recommended Car Insurance Add-On Cover as there is nothing more precious than saving you and your loved ones’ life.

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