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2018-2019 Quarter 4

NL 1
Revenue Account
NL 2
Profit & Loss Account
NL 3
Balance Sheet
NL 4
Premium Schedule
NL 5
Claims Schedule
NL 6
Commission Schedule
NL 7
Operating Expenses Schedule
NL 8
Share Capital Schedule
NL 9
Pattern of Shareholding Schedule
NL 10
Reserves and Surplus Schedule
NL 11
Borrowings Schedule
NL 12A
Investment Schedule - Shareholders
NL 12B
Investment Schedule-Policyholders
NL 13
Loans Schedule
NL 14
Fixed Assets Schedule
Cash and Bank Balance Schedule
NL 16
Advances and other Assets Schedule
NL 17
Current Liabilities Schedule
NL 18
Provisions Schedule
NL 19
Misc expenditure Schedule
NL 20
Receipt and Payment Schedule
NL 21
Statement of Liabilities
NL 22
Geographical Distribution of Business
NL 23
Reinsurance Risk Concentration
NL 24
Ageing of Claims
NL 25
Quarterly claims data for Non-Life
NL 26
Claims Information-KG Table I
NL 27
Offices information for Non-Life Schedule
NL 28
Statement of Assets - 3B
NL 29
Debt Securities
NL 30
Analytical Ratios
NL 31
Related Party Transactions
NL 32
Products Information Schedule
NL 33
Solvency Margin - KGII
NL 34
BOD and Key Persons Schedule
NL 35
Non Performing Assets
NL 36
Yield on Investment
NL 37
Downgrading of Invesmtent
NL 38
Quarterly Business Returns across line of Business
NL 39
Rural & Social Obligations
NL 40
Business Acquisition through different channels
NL 41
Greviance Disposal
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