Two Wheeler Insurance


Your bike insurance policy would cover the following:

  1. Loss or damage to the insured vehicle due to :
    • Fire/Earthquake/Flood/Cyclone
    • Accident/Terrorism/Riots/Strikes
    • Accident by external means
    • Transit by road, rail, inland waterways, air or lift
  2. Personal Accident Cover for Owner-Driver Compensation for death injury/death sustained by the owner-driver of the insured car caused due to violent, accidental, external and visible means while travelling in the vehicle or during mounting into/dismounting from the car.
  3. Third Party Bodily Injury Liability
    Compensation for damage or liability causing bodily injury or death to another person will be taken care of by Bharti AXA General Insurance.
  4. Property Damage Liability
    Compensation for damage or liability to other's property will be as per legal proceedings, subject to the limits mentioned in the policy.

Your bike insurance policy excludes:

  1. Common wear and tear of the vehicle
  2. Loss or damage due to depreciation of vehicle
  3. Electrical & mechanical breakdown
  4. Loss or damage incurred outside the geographical area of India
  5. Loss or damage caused when driving under intoxication
  6. Loss or damage caused by an unauthorized person without a valid driving license
  7. Loss or damage due to nuclear risks
  8. Vehicle being used otherwise than in accordance with restrictions as to use
  9. Any claim arising out of any contractual liability (Liability that one party assumes on behalf of another via a contract)

These inclusions and exclusions are for our basic two wheeler insurance plan. Please read the policy wordings - PDF (546 KB Opens in a new window) to view the complete list.

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