Critical Illness Insurance

Why should I buy critical illness cover?

Considering today's lifestyle, the threat of facing a major ailment is always present. Due to modern lifestyle factors like long working hours, stress at work, lack of physical exercise, irregular meal patterns, junk food habits, alcohol consumption and smoking habits, the threat of people facing major illness have been rising. This is the reason critical illness cover is important to support you with a lump sum compensation to cover your medical and lifestyle needs.

For eg:
Mr.X has taken a health insurance cover of Rs. 2 Lakh for his family. He, unfortunately, needs to undergo bypass surgery. This sum Insured can be fully consumed or prove to be insufficient for treatment costs. Plus, the family's health insurance cover would also be exhausted. In case Mr.X's son meets with an accident, there will not be any sum Insured left.

He can either take a critical illness policy to cover hospitalisation expenses - in which case he can claim from this Policy and keep his health insurance policy intact. Or he can take a critical illness policy on benefit basis - in which case he can claim from his health insurance policy for hospitalisation expenses and then claim under the critical illness policy for compensation

I am still young, do I still need critical illness cover? What are the benefits of buying critical illness policy with Bharti AXA? Which are the different plans available under the policy? What is the payment of compensation under each plan?

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