Car Insurance

Choosing the right car insurance is as important as choosing of the right car. At Bharti AXA, we make this process simple for you.

Key benefits

  • Instant policy
  • 24 X 7 Claims help
  • Get Cashless claims at 2700+ garages
  • Get No Claim Bonus up to 50%
  • 12 Add on covers to choose from
  • Road side assistance
  • Accident death coverage for other passengers up to 2 lakhs

Comprehensive Car Policy contains three parts:

1. Own Damage cover
2. Third party liability
3. Personal Accident cover for owner/driver

However don't just buy normal Car Insurance, buy car Insurance with all the necessary Add on covers you need. It will help you to get maximum value at the time of the claim. Choosing add on covers is made easy for you while buying Car Insurance. We recommend Add on covers based on your car, location and usage

Key Add on Covers you should consider

Depreciation Cover

We recommend this cover if your car is less than 5 years old.
How it will help you?

Every year value of your car depreciates (value reduces with time). So at the time of claim, you only get the reduced value of the car.
It will help you to get 100% cost on certain parts of your car when you claim. You don’t have to pay from your pocket at the time claim for depreciation.
This is applicable for up to 2 acceptable claims.

Road Side Assistance

We recommend this cover for all cars but for women drivers this becomes even more important
How it will help you?
With this add-on, you don’t have to worry if you get stuck when your car:

  • Breaks down
  • Has a flat tyre
  • Runs out of fueland even when you lose your car keys etc

Consumables Cover

We recommend this cover if your car is less than 5 years old
How it will help you?
At the time of claims, usually consumables like oil, nuts, bolts etc. are not covered under the insurance. Yet they contribute to 5-10% of the claims cost. This add on provides coverage against these costs.

No Claims Bonus Protector

We recommend this cover if your existing No Claim Bonus (NCB) is more than 25%
How it will help you?
You get no claim bonus every year if you don’t make a claim. This no claim bonus helps you to reduce your car insurance premium for next year.
If you claim, your NCB will become zero. This add-on ensures your bonus is retained even after you make a claim.

Hydrostatic Lock cover

We recommend this cover if your area is prone to heavy rains
How it will help you?
If water enters in the engine, the engine may get damaged. If you don’t report it to the garage and fix it immediately, engine may get damaged completely. In such cases any standard insurance policy will not cover engine repair or replacement cost.
Moreover, engine replacement or repair costs are very high. This add-on protects you from such costs and provides coverage towards the cost incurred on engine repair/replacement due to damage from rain water.

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