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Getting admission in their preferred college abroad is a dream come true for both students and their families. Parents often apply for loans to fund the high cost of education and living expenses that come with studying and staying abroad. For a student too, getting acclimatised mentally and socially to the new environment can be quite taxing.

Anyone who has recently completed higher studies abroad or is in the process of doing so would know the amount of meticulous planning and research involved. Amongst the several aspects associated with studying abroad, most students would agree that arranging for funds forms the lion share of a student’s efforts apart from cracking top institute entrances.

Studying abroad can be a fantastic experience. You get to learn in a fabulous campus, enjoy a great student life and get a degree that enhances your career prospects manifold. However, during your stay abroad, what will you do to meet sudden medical expenses? Money that you have will be just right to pay for food, accommodation and student fees.

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