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Gone are the days when business trips meant just work. Today an increasing number of business travellers are opting to extend their business trips into a personal holiday. By bringing a non-work companion or family on the trip one can save on time along with travel and lodging expenses.

Travel insurance is a must even for the most organised of travellers. There are however many travellers who miss out on these benefits as they choose an insurance offering without research. A host of online tools have made research on travel insurance not just easy but also fast and effective.

Lao Tzu, the famous philosopher and poet once said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Today ideally that single step should be that of a meticulous plan that ensures a successful trip. And most travel experts would agree that travel insurance is one of the most important aspects of trip planning.

Even the most frequent of travellers are bogged down by monotonous travel related paper work. Amongst all formalities associated with travel, insurance is viewed as the most unnecessary.

Most ardent globe trotters would agree that a successful international trip is a well-planned one.A well-organized trip planned to the very last detail not only lets trip takers do much more with their time but insures peace of mind and a worry free experience.Among the several aspects of trip planning one of the more important ones is being prepared for unexpected mishaps and eventualities.


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