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Quick question: Your health insurance cover is Rs. 2 Lakh, your medical bill is Rs 1 Lakh. How much of your bill will get reimbursed when you make a claim? Most people think that they will get full reimbursement of the medical bill. Well, not really!

Approach anyone for advice on choosing the right health plan and they would undoubtedly suggest taking one with a low or no deductible.

With close to 1,300 Indians succumbing to cancer every day and obesity already having reached epidemic proportions, Indians are facing more health problems than ever.

Monsoons are a respite from the scorching summers but it’s also a menace for your health, car, and even your house. The delightful showers are a perfect backdrop for sipping tea on a leisurely afternoon but monsoons also call for a strong need to take precautions and maintain healthy surroundings for your family.

Rushing a family member to the hospital for medical attention can be a stressful experience even if you have adequate health insurance in place to take care of the treatment cost. It is natural to feel harrowed and distracted when completing the necessary formalities for filing a claim.

Absolutely not! If you are looking at last minute investments to save tax, read on. How many requests from your company’s finance department to submit investment documents have you avoided till now? If you’ve been contemplating the whole year and think that it’s too late now to make an investment, you are wrong.


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