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In India, the monsoon months span from July till the end of October. During then, owing to the incessant rains and the germs that it breeds, both children and adults get afflicted with a number of diseases, some of which aggravate to higher extents. The most widespread diseases which take a toll on the country every monsoon are listed below:

The monsoon season in India, accounting for 80% of its annual rainfall, is a boon for the agriculture sector. However, it is also the most precarious season for Indians as vagaries of the monsoon can cause unprecedented damage to crops, properties and in extreme cases, lives.

Getting admission in their preferred college abroad is a dream come true for both students and their families. Parents often apply for loans to fund the high cost of education and living expenses that come with studying and staying abroad. For a student too, getting acclimatised mentally and socially to the new environment can be quite taxing.

Monsoons are here: Get maximum protection for your car with these motor insurance add-on covers

While monsoons for you mean lush green foliage and curling up with a good paperback and a steaming cup of coffee, for your car it’s four months of constant wading through floods, engine issues, and mouldy closed-car smell.

Quick question: Your health insurance cover is Rs. 2 Lakh, your medical bill is Rs 1 Lakh. How much of your bill will get reimbursed when you make a claim? Most people think that they will get full reimbursement of the medical bill. Well, not really!


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